Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: m/f
You: m
Stranger: fuck off
Your conversational partner has disconnected


Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: so wassup
You: sleeping now
Stranger: amusing...
Stranger: hey i'm jordan an u..

You: im hayashiya pa-ko
Stranger: cool name ...i'm frm dubai..an u
You: i live in ikebukuro
Stranger: ahh..sry.in which country it is...?
You: bootan
Stranger: oh..it's around india....
You: yeah
Stranger: so wht do u do thr....student?
You: no no im aidoru kasyu
Stranger: hmm..sry bt can u explain wht's tht....
Stranger: bt sounds cool..

You: oh!
You: thanks!
Stranger: so..i'm 19 an u..
You: im 20
You: pichipichi yade
Stranger: k...actually..i am studying......electronics an' sattelite communication engineering...
You: cool
You: so cool
Stranger: so u like music.
You: yeah
Stranger: wch hip hop...rock..
You: hip h
You: aaaaaaaaa
You: yabai bakugeki ya
You: sorry
Stranger: wht?
You: have a nice day !


Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl

You: hi
You: 16 f Abashiri
Stranger: from where?
You: Abashiri Kangoku
Stranger: is that a city?
You: no no
You: country
Stranger: from Japan?
You: no
Stranger: I just looked it up
Stranger: its part of Japan

You: independenced
Stranger: oh ok
Stranger: what are you? bi, les, or striaght?

You: chimpanzee
Stranger: ok
Stranger: do you have a bf?

You: battle field?
Stranger: no
You: ??
Stranger: boy friend
You: oh
You: on
You: no
Stranger: ok
Stranger: I'm a guy
Stranger: 18
Stranger: From Texas

You: oh!
You: Texas! so cool
Stranger: yup
You: do you have bf?
Stranger: I am not gay
You: oh sorry
Stranger: thats ok
Stranger: I don't have a gf

You: grand theft aout?
Stranger: girlfriend
You: ho
Stranger: yup
Stranger: Are you a virgin?

You: oh..
You: pa-ko ni sonnakoto kikunante...
Stranger: what?
You: yes
Stranger: me too
Stranger: I love Japanese girls

You: thanks!
Stranger: do you masturbate?
You: oh....
You: pa-ko ni sonnakoto kikunante.....
You: a little
You: aaaaaaaaaaa
Stranger: what?
You: yabai bakugekiya
You: sorry
Stranger: in english
You: have a nice gay!
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